The Little Known History of Christian Counseling (part 2) – Biblical Counseling

Dr. David Powlison developed a less extreme version of the nouthetic model which is referred to as Biblical Counseling, however I and many other Christian counselors believe that more is needed to help emotionally wounded people.

Emotional wounds are real and human beings are incredibly complex organisms, affected by our biological constitutions, environments, and experiences. I ache for Christians who have emotional wounds that could be helped by what psychology has to offer.

As the great theologian and philosopher and father of western theology, St. Augustine said, “All Truth is God’s Truth.” Note the capital “T.” Nevertheless, we can still use small “t” truths to help us. No field of study has the absolute truth.

Augustine, suggested we borrow from the best the culture has to offer; we borrow tools from the secular world that have proven helpful including neurobiology, psychopharmacology, experimental psychology, and psychodynamic theory as well as many other theories. But we hold something far more powerful than psychology alone can offer:

In addition to medicine and psychology, Christian counselors get to draw on the power of God’s Holy Spirit to create change in their clients, ultimately knowing that unless people know Christ they will remain unhealed.

Though the Bible is our standard. We humans making our way through a world filled with suffering and confusion must rely on all sorts of resources. The Bible does not teach “Bible Only.” God gave man domain over the whole earth – for some reason counseling seems to be the only field in which some say we can’t look outside the Bible for wisdom. This is ludicrous. Even though the world is broken, I believe God wants us to draw from and explore his creation.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Little Known History of Christian Counseling (part 2) – Biblical Counseling

  1. Yes. Yes. God can and does use everything and anything to accomplish His saving and healing work in this world that He created and sustains. ………….

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