Have You Received Your Free Life Plan?

If you have not read Michael Hyatt’s blog, you should. Hyatt was the president of Thomas Nelson Publishing (the largest Christian publisher) until recently. He is now Chairman of the Board. Everyone I know folllows his blog where he writes about books, business, leadership, people, and other interesting topics. Last week I was at a speaker training where I met pastors, authors, and career professionals. Every single one of them reads Hyatt’s blog.

One of his most popular blogposts pertains to making a life plan. Here he writes about it:

Over the course of my life, I have worked with a lot of planners. As a corporate executive, I worked with strategic planners. As a speaker, I work with event planners. And, as the father of five daughters, I’ve worked with my share of wedding planners….(continue reading)

Do You Secretly Believe It’s Selfish to Take Care of Yourself?

I just came across this article on self care:

“There are some things in life you take for granted: Your children will outlive you. No matter how tough it gets, you won’t poison your spouse with arsenic-laced toothpaste. And if you have a best friend, you will attend her wedding.

But life sometimes upsets our most basic assumptions. And although I haven’t resorted to the arsenic (yet), I did have this surprise: My best friend from college got married today and I wasn’t there. Never in a million years did I think I would miss her wedding. We’d been talking about it since we were 18. And yet, when it came down to deciding about making the trip from California to New York, I did something radical, something I rarely do: I took my own needs into account. (click here to continue reading)